Hudef Viva Pro Gen 3 (Power﹢) – May 8 2023 Drop

100% thermoformed technology : Foam is injected from the edge and passes down through the handle. Its surface and a polypropylene honeycomb core using high temperature thermal compression technology that delivers optimal power.The upgraded core reinforcement technology not only optimizes the sweet spot but also increases the strength. Stability is increased by 5% compared to other thermoformed paddles. It’s perfect for aggressive players.


The HUDEF VIVA PRO GEN3 paddle is made using thermoforming technology.The paddle’s surface is made of DuPont raw Kevlar and T700 raw carbon fiber which has a good plush feel achieving great POP and Spin. The polypropylene honeycomb core under high temperature thermal compression technology delivers better power but not to lose control. Unibody construction forging technology and peripheral foam provides paddle stability for players with tennis elbow and sensitivity. This paddle is an excellent choice if you prefer a good swing weight.

Technology: 100% Thermoforming technology

Surface: DuPont raw Kevlar and T700 raw carbon fiber

Unibody Construction: Foam injected throughout edges and down through the handle. One piece molded handle for touch and feel.

More Power and Pop: Strengthened core for the additional power without losing control, strengthening plate layer provides more pop.

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Hudef Viva Pro Gen 3 (Power﹢)