Enhance Pickleball – SweetSpot Pro – Delivers in 6 weeks

We created the SweetSpot Pro to be the ideal paddle for improving players (Beginner – 4.5). The main goal of the design was to create the largest possible SweetSpot for maximum consistency. After coaching thousands of players, we identified this feature as crucial for helping players advance to the next level.

When you try our paddle, you will immediately notice that every shot feels a bit easier. The larger SweetSpot reduces “mis-hits,” where the ball dies on the paddle, enhancing your consistency around the court irrespective of the paddle you use.

In terms of power, we made the paddle to be in what we call the “goldilocks” range. The thicker core provides more control, while the longer handle gives you more leverage. Combining these features, you’ll find you can generate more power with a faster swing, yet maintain excellent control in your soft game.

Additionally, while most other paddles offer various options for shape and size with little explanation of their performance differences, after a year of testing, we determined that the elongated rectangle shape was preferred by the vast majority of players. To simplify the choice for players, the SweetSpot Pro is available only in this optimal version.

As someone who has coached thousands of players, I can confidently say that this product is the no-brainer choice for anyone in the beginner to 4.5 range. Not only is the paddle outstanding, but the price is also extremely competitive, especially considering the technology involved—most similar paddles are well over $200.

If you are looking for a paddle upgrade, you’re in the right place.

SweetSpot Pro